Inventory Tracking made Simple and Affordable

TrakitWorks is a hassle-free inventory tracking solution that's perfect for university film schools and theatre departments, manufacturers, and many more.

Inventory Management

Why choose TrakitWorks
for Inventory Management?

Inventory Management

You need inventory tracking that is simple, reliable, and affordable. You want to avoid adding unnecessary features such as accounting or purchasing functions into the mix. TrakitWorks accomplishes this by utilizing the full inventory tracking capabilities of our TrakitWorks platform while also including an easy online interface.

The Benefits of Simplicity

Benefits of Simplicity

TrakitWorks provides effortless inventory tracking while remaining extremely affordable for University Film Schools and Theatre Departments, Manufacturers with a need to track demo equipment, and many more. The simple to use online interface,, allows equipment to be requested easily online by students or sales teams.

Benefits of Simplicity
Robust Features

Robust Features:

Robust Features

  • Interface with school or company databases to update personnel
  • Assign and schedule equipment for events
  • Utilize email alerts to keep personnel apprised of gear location and return dates
  • Keep tabs on expenses, shipping costs, repairs, and more.


TrakitWorks is the perfect choice for film schools, theatre departments, and manufacturers.

Universities across the country have found that TrakitWorks simplifies their film school or theatre department equipment tracking for both faculty as well as students. Similarly, manufacturers of theatrical and audiovisual equipment, amongst others, have seen the benefit in tracking their demo equipment in a professional and affordable manner with TrakitWorks. From students to sales teams, TrakitWorks allows the focus to remain on people and projects rather than the whereabouts of their products.

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Cloud Access

Enhance Productivity While Lowering Expenses

Cloud access
Why waste resources on expensive in-house hosting of your software application? Hardware, IT staff, and data back-ups eat away at profit while adding stress.

Take the guesswork out of your software costs with our straightforward monthly fees and reliable cloud access solution. Our secure cloud allows your company to seamlessly integrate PC and MAC computers, tablets, mobile phones, scanners and more; while allowing multiple locations to see data in real time.


Radio-Frequency Identification.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is the best technology available to enhance the efficiency of your rental process, and this innovative feature is fully integrated with RentalWorks.

Check-out and check-in processes become simplified by employing RFID. Scanning sessions that used to take hours with conventional bar-codes can now be completed in minutes with pinpoint accuracy.

Whether you already employ RFID tags, or are just now investigating the benefits of this new technology, we invite you to see how RentalWorks can seamlessly integrate this valuable tool into your rental operations.

QuikScan Mobile App

QuikScan Mobile app
From motion picture studios to audiovisual warehouses, RentalWorks is utilized in locations where employees need to move rather than stay at a stationary desktop PC. Enter QuikScan Mobile, our patented inventory management app for iPhone or iPod Touch.

QuikScan turns Apple products into wireless inventory devices, complete with an attached bar-code scanner and full functionality.

Scan items for check-out or check-in, manage quantity tracked items, designate items for repair and even add photos to products all while eliminating the need for expensive wireless scanners and PDAs.

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