Complete Inventory Tracking & Asset Management Software

RentalWorks takes your rental operation to the next level. This powerful software combines state-of-the-art rental inventory tracking with secure and accurate accounting and purchasing features.

Complete Inventory Tracking & Asset Management Software

What makes RentalWorks
the best choice for you?

Complete Inventory Tracking & Asset Management Software

RentalWorks is a proven software solution that was built specifically for the entertainment industry. Film studios, audiovisual companies, and many more rely on RentalWorks to facilitate their daily workflow. RentalWorks covers the needs of your business from top to bottom- ownership to operations.

Easy. Efficient. Accurate.

Easy. Efficient. Accurate.

RentalWorks features an intuitive interface that simplifies daily tasks while steadfastly refusing to let problems fall through the cracks. Up to the minute reports and real time availability solve conflicts before they occur. Items tracked by RFID tags, bar-codes, or simple quantity counts can be managed simultaneously as contracts track every movement.

Easy. Efficient. Accurate.
Everything in one place

Everything in one place:

Everything in one place

In addition to managing inventory, RentalWorks replaces multiple software platforms- leaving your entire company on the same page for these necessary workflows and more:

  • New and Used Sales with or without Rentals
  • Transportation, Crew and labor support and scheduling
  • Purchasing and Invoicing with Full A/R and A/P Support
  • Repairs, Parts, and Service
  • Reports for Return on Investment, Inventory Changes, and Customer Analysis


RentalWorks is the software solution of choice for major motion picture studios, AV rental houses, and theatrical lighting companies alike. Camera companies, resorts, and more also rely on RentalWorks daily to manage their rental operations. Because we focus our efforts on the entertainment industry, you can rest assured our features, terminology, and support will be the perfect match for your business.

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Cloud Access

Enhance Productivity While Lowering Expenses

Cloud access
Why waste resources on expensive in-house hosting of your software application? Hardware, IT staff, and data back-ups eat away at profit while adding stress.

Take the guesswork out of your software costs with our straightforward monthly fees and reliable cloud access solution. Our secure cloud allows your company to seamlessly integrate PC and MAC computers, tablets, mobile phones, scanners and more; while allowing multiple locations to see data in real time.


Radio-Frequency Identification.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is the best technology available to enhance the efficiency of your rental process, and this innovative feature is fully integrated with RentalWorks.

Check-out and check-in processes become simplified by employing RFID. Scanning sessions that used to take hours with conventional bar-codes can now be completed in minutes with pinpoint accuracy.

Whether you already employ RFID tags, or are just now investigating the benefits of this new technology, we invite you to see how RentalWorks can seamlessly integrate this valuable tool into your rental operations.

QuikScan Mobile App

QuikScan Mobile app
From motion picture studios to audiovisual warehouses, RentalWorks is utilized in locations where employees need to move rather than stay at a stationary desktop PC. Enter QuikScan Mobile, our patented inventory management app for iPhone or iPod Touch.

QuikScan turns Apple products into wireless inventory devices, complete with an attached bar-code scanner and full functionality.

Scan items for check-out or check-in, manage quantity tracked items, designate items for repair and even add photos to products all while eliminating the need for expensive wireless scanners and PDAs.

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