Manage Visitors & Assigned Parking on any Campus

GateWorks is a Visitor Management and Assigned Parking Solution designed to easily manage all your security and Parking requirements.

Intuitive Design

Powerful Features,
Intuitive Design

Intuitive Design

You need a reliable, innovative and effective software to manage your companies parking and visitor flows. You want an integrated system that allows to easily track, monitor and change where people park and have access to. GateWorks accomplishes all of this with a powerful yet easy to use system designed to ensure the security of your campus and lots.

Manages Your Visitors

Manages Your Visitors

Easily track every visitor coming in and out of your campus with GateWorks. Passes can be easily created for specific events and projects as well as general staff and employees. Restricted access settings and banned personnel lists ensure safety and security.

Manages Your Visitors
Manages Your Parking

Manages Your Parking

Manages Your Parking

Manage your campus lots and parking structure sub-sections with custom space assignments, Vehicle Registration with built in decal allocation and renewal process, Parking Citations and billing features.


GateWorks is perfect for film and television studios, theme parks, sports arenas, large concert halls and theaters, college campuses and anywhere else parking and visitor management is a priority. Many of Hollywood's top studios have chosen GateWorks as a simple and effective solution to their parking and visitor management needs.

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Cloud Access

Enhance Productivity While Lowering Expenses

Cloud access
Why waste resources on expensive in-house hosting of your software application? Hardware, IT staff, and data back-ups eat away at profit while adding stress.

Take the guesswork out of your software costs with our straightforward monthly fees and reliable cloud access solution. Our secure cloud allows your company to seamlessly integrate PC and MAC computers, tablets, mobile phones, scanners and more; while allowing multiple locations to see data in real time.


Create multiple reports on-the-fly, the available reports:

  • Deal / Department Personnel
  • Customer Personnel
  • Parking, Billing, and Badge Coordinators by Department / Deal
  • Parking assignments by lot
  • Inactive Person
  • Assignments By Department / Deal
  • Parking decal assignments by campus, department / deal, and lot
  • Parking Sticker Print Queue
  • Reserved and Unreserved spaces issued or available in a parking lot
  • Person Attributes such as Child Care and Fitness center access
  • Vendors By Department / Deal
  • Campus Contacts By Vendor
  • Vendors By Campus Contact
  • Vendor Renewal
  • Passes Issued By Gate
  • Passes Issued By Officer
  • Passes By Requester
  • Extended Passes By Requester
  • Passes By Pass Writer
  • Passes issued during a specific period
  • Buildings
  • Requesters
  • Short Term Requesters
  • Caller / Assistants
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