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VIDEO: RentalWorks QuikRFID Portal Demo

By Jon Baldwin on Nov 8, 2016
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The newest feature in the latest version of RentalWorks® is RFID integration, which allows for easy and efficient tracking of equipment. This new RFID tracking functionality is useful for any company that has to keep track of lots of gear. RentalWorks streamlines check-in & check-out processes, helping our clients get their gear off the truck and into their inventory as quickly as possible. 

RFID integration with RentalWorks® is comprised of a handheld QuikScan RFID reader, the QuikRFID iPadPro tablet app, and a RFID portal (as seen in this video).

For bar-code scanning, QuikScan turns an Apple® iPhone or iPod into a wireless inventory management device, complete with an attached bar-code scanner. QuikScan gives you the ability to scan items for check-out & check-in, check the status of inventory items and designate items for repair. It also allows you to add photos of equipment, and photos of damaged items in repair. QuikScan is also now available on the new Zebra TC 8000 Android based touch computer, which is built to withstand the rigors of a warehouse work environment. 

When it comes to managing larger quantities of equipment in inventory, such a large group of cables for example, the QuikRFID tablet app and portal (seen in this video) give you the ability to scan and check equipment in & out accurately and efficiently by simply passing it thru the RFID Portal. The tabulated results, such as quantity counts, are then displayed on the QuikRFID tablet app. The QuikRFID tablet app, which is available on touchscreen Apple® iPads, features an intuitive display with a large digital counter and it is mobile, so it can be placed next to the RFID Portal for easy accessibility. The system is intelligent too. For example, if youÂ’re checking out cables and a camera accidentally makes itÂ’s way into the group, QuikRFID will identify the item as an “exception.”

RFID integration is just the latest in RentalWorks® features. As a complete asset management software solution, RentalWorks® also includes secure and accurate accounting and purchasing functionality, cloud accessibility, and daily operational management tools. 

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